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  • This custom ROM is new into its category but has gained quite a level of popularity.
  • Furthermore, you can alter the notification drawer settings by activating a background image and configuring shortcuts for a specific time.
  • Many people were facing issues due to these updates stock ROM (firmware) some users complain that there gaming performance has degraded, heating issues, slow charging, battery draining etc.
  • Nevertheless, if you own a smartphone that is not supported by either CalyxOS or GrapheneOS—consider installing LineageOS without Google apps or even microG.

You’ll want to consider how easy the platform is to use and whether it’s easy to follow. A large proportion of Romania stock trading apps charge currency conversion fees.

What this means is that almost every aspect of the operating system is optimized to keep out attackers. Your personal data can also be backed up at any time, with strong encryption to boot.

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So, users are always in search of good custom ROMs for their Android smartphones. OxygenOS itself is based on stock Android but comes with useful features and customization options.

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